Who we are

One day a team of videogame skins designers were laid off from work after playing retro games non-stop for 2 days.

After that, they realized they needed to play a new game, by creating a brand that represented them and their hustle. Being big sneaker heads, they decided to move to the shoe game by bringing their creations and designs from the digital world to the real world and trying to sell them online. So now, if you are into sneakers, GAMING CONVENTIONS, playing GAMES 24/7, APEX, HERO GAMES, GTA, AND MUSICAL GAMES, here you have found the only place where you will be able to buy the perfect gaming shoes for you! 

That's why we created infinite a sneaker brand that represents all digital hustlers in the globe trying to be the best at their craft. Join our community today and get special offers!

Why we do what we do