Last week’s blog focused on winning and losing from a player’s perspective; the trials they have to overcome individually in order to succeed and satisfy their hunger to win, as well as justify their drive and the hours they put in, but what of the people behind the players?

This weekend, G2 Esports and Team SoloMid completed their respective League of Legends Playoff runs with a successful championship finish from the Loser’s Bracket. With it being G2’s 4th straight championship and TSM’s 1st championship in 3 years, both organizations sit at the top with the title of the “winningest” orgs in their respective region, with G2 earning their 8th trophy and TSM their 7th.


The results leave little space for doubt when it comes to looking for what makes an organization successful and how the stories of each individual player fit into the system: while both teams have some of the longest tenured veterans in their regions, it is their younger players which have been the cornerstones of their victories.

Each organization (ideally) has an identity through which they brand themselves; TSM, for example, has built their brand on their success and their high standard for excellence. This has resulted in an environment criticized by many to put too much pressure on the players, a culture built upon hard work and nothing less. For players who thrive on pressure and expectations, playing for TSM has been an opportunity to rise to the occasion no matter the odds, and that culture of insane effort is built from the top down.

Meanwhile, G2 has built their brand around how personable their players are; how cool it is to be the champions. Their culture may be more laid back than TSM’s serious atmosphere in a way; you may never see the players sulking or not laughing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t put in the effort necessary to become champs. As an org, G2 has never stopped short on giving players what they need to win; be it more structure, or more personal freedom in order, but even if they don’t show winning as the “be all end all” of their organization, you’ll never see them lose that light cockiness that says “yeah, we’re the winners in here”.

Success surely brings in more eyes, more fans, and more scrutiny for sure, but success alone isn’t enough to make an organization as popular as your G2s, your C9s, or your TSMs. From top to bottom, these organizations have understood very well what the public likes to see about their players, and that; in addition to continued success, has made them timeless in the eyes of the public.


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