Female videogame characters

Female videogame characters

From the very beginning of the video game industry, the highest percentage of playable characters have been made using the male gender.

Female Videogame Character

Although nowadays there have been more and more strong female videogame characters, we might be able to expect even better storylines regarding female characters and we hope that many of the weak, dependant or even stereotyped characters disappear.

It is known that statistically, only 20% of the playable video game characters are female. Now, we would like to honor both the developers, and the scent of some of these characters which have been imprinted to our memories, and our hearts by creating a top ranking featuring some of the best female video game characters.

To do this, we examined the storylines of many female video game characters looking for either remarkable, and important events related to them, which were relevant for the continuity of the game's story.

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Top female videogame characters

1) Celes Chere

This super-strong, steel-hearted playable female character is from the Final Fantasy saga, specifically from the sixth part of the story, Final Fantasy 6.

She was first a general for the Empire but right now, Celes suffers due to the scars left for her tragic past. In addition to her own problems, apparently, to worsen her situation, she turns to feel disappointed with the Gestahlian Empire.

For that reason, she is led to defect from the Empire's army, and eventually joins the Returner's side. During this process, she grows stronger and claims as many hearts as possible amongst the gamers.

2) Ellie

This is a tremendous female character, no more is needed to say. You can find her in the game The Last Of Us, in which she is shown as a tenacious teenager who travels along with the main character of the storyline.

She offers aid to you, as well as another perspective of the happenings during the game. At some point in the game, she becomes a fully playable character who happens to be stronger than she seems. You will definitely want to help her get through the whole world if she asks you to.

3) Clementine

After losing her parents in the zombie apocalypse, The walking dead's Clementine is forced to stand resistance to a world where everything seems to be death, and terror meanwhile the good things in life have gone.

As a playable character, she first appears as a reliable helper but eventually, during the game, you will see that she is much more than that. She has acute senses and very useful intelligence, developed of course, by force while facing death in every corner of her world.

4) Chun-Li

The first-ever female playable character in a fighting game. She made her first appearance in 1991's Street Fighter as a very tenacious and reliable martial arts expert who works as an Interpol officer.

She has a tragic storyline since M. Bison murdered her father. Ever since then, she has sworn to take revenge for this horrible crime.

5) Jill Valentine

A top-ranked S.T.A.R.S officer from Racoon City. She is a very known playable female character from the Resident Evil saga. Her story started back in the military where she worked as a bomb defuser with many more skills.

After arriving in Raccoon City, she was charged with investigating a few disappearances in the city. Soon enough, it is very clear that these happenings are related to Umbrella Corporation's T-virus and she is targeted by Umbrella's high chairmen. So does start her tragedy.

6) Samus Aran

This playable female character is an ex-soldier from the game Metroid, who takes very seriously her new assignment as a bounty hunter. Equipped with a powerful exoskeleton, guns, and shields, she makes bounty hunting look easy.

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