How to become a game tester?

How to become a game tester?

The Gaming Industries put a lot of people working on every game development. Game testers are one of the most relevant types of workers since they are hired to play a game's first versions to find bugs or any other problems. Then report to developers so they can fix them before release day.

That seems to be very important, but how can you become part of such testers groups? We want to talk about some usual questions related to that statement.


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What does a game tester do?

Game testers work on game development. How is that? Well, they support a game development team by playing versions of the game before it is released for purchase publically.

While playing these versions, game testers report bugs and inconsistencies they find. As you can see, this is a very important job.

What skill does a game tester need to have?

If you want to get hired as a game tester, you have to manage a few skills first.

Firstly, you have to learn at least the basics of "game testing language." After that, you will have to learn how to reproduce bugs, how to write very well-done reports and, how to verify that the development team had already fixed the bug or inconsistency.

You will have to learn a few so-called "soft skills," such as being communicational, detail-oriented work, teamwork management, and how to work on a self-motivated basis.

There are plenty of textbooks in which you can find the information you need to go deeper into the skills to learn.

Do I need to get a college degree related to the game industry?

Game testing is usually considered an entry-level position inside the gaming industry. This means, it is a job for any beginner who proves themselves fit to complete the task for the company.

Most companies do not require a college degree related to the industry to be hired. Anyway, to improve your chances to get a better job, with better payment or tasks, it would be very good if you own a degree.

Having a degree might also shoot you into a better area of development like art, design, or programming. Those game development jobs always pay higher fees than a job as a tester.

What are the requirements for game testing?

Remember those soft skills we were talking about? Well, some specific education is not usually needed to become a game tester.

 For that reason, managers usually focus on those soft skills to find the best prospects amongst the many applicants. These selected people are supposed to be better workers inside the industrial environment.

The specifics skills are, for example:

  • Concentration: You must keep your attention on the game for long periods of time, even if you think that you have already reviewed it enough times, a new review will give a quality bonus to your work. Modern games usually take up to 4-5 years of development to become a triple A category, and then they can be released to the public.
  • Eye for details: You will need to be able to find bugs, then, you need to figure out how to make them appear time after time so you can be sure you found a problem and have the information required to make a report. That report is supposed to explain to the development team, step by step, how to reproduce the bugs, so they can find it and fix it as well. No bugs can reach the public.

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