Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and ELEAGUE have announced a partnership to air a two-hour Mortal Kombat 11 championship event on April 17 through TBS. The feature will be the Final Kombat 2020 event that took place in March of the same year.

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Final Kombat was one of the last live esports competitions to take place before the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pushed events to either cancel, postpone, or move online. The tournament took place on March 8 and featured a $100K USD prize pool. This event included the memorable Grand Finals between SonicFox and NinjaKilla where the former managed to reset the bracket and go to the 1NF1N1TE in order to take it all in a 3-1 score.

It remains to be seen how home audiences react to the event when the airing takes place next Friday through the TBS channel. Due to coronavirus concerns, the organizers canceled the Last Chance Qualifier tournament which would have taken place on March 7, and did not allow live spectators into the competition venue.


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