We are making gamer shoes since ever

We are making gamer shoes since ever

Yes! We know famous brands as PUMA  are now watching to us, gamers, trying to "think" about us. But we are making gamer shoes since ever! And we know, no one will understand us like ourself.

Clearly case, last year, PUMA launched his gamer version, a big sock. As you can see from the YouTube ad:


the company's new "Active Gaming Footwear" line includes a sleek-ish black rubber shoe that is, basically, a big, thick sock. In the description for the video, Puma claims that this design is based on "extensive talks with professional gamers," I´d really like to know which professional gamers they talked to and why any of them had strong shoe opinions. We take esports as seriously as athletics, but we  usually played sitting down, right? We don't really need special shoes for that. So now we will go out with a big sock to tell the world we belong to the esports! Look at us! we are video gamers, we are wearing a big sock! 

Sometimes we like to go for a walk, we need something that identifies us, but not a sock, thanks!

According to the reports, the big sock will be about 100 bucks, and have three different "modes." Look forward to Ninja wearing them at the next Game Awards with a pijama.


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