Why is Gamer's Day celebrated?

Why is Gamer's Day celebrated?

August 29,  a lot of people could think this date represents the day in which the first video game was launched or even played, but sadly it is not. It could be the day when the father of the video game (Ralph Baer) was born, but not. The video game day was born as an idea of three Spanish printed publications (PlayManía, Hobby Consolas, and PC Manía) there for the year 2008. They simply decided yo designate a day dedicated to the Gamer, because such a phenomenon needed its holiday.

What they surely did not expect was the level of compliance that Gamer's Day had globally: it soon became a global celebration whose only goal was always to celebrate the fact of playing video games, neither more nor less.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had been on the market for three years and that year, Grand Theft Auto IV reached millions of players around the world, which radically changed the perception that people have regarding what video games can give of themselves. That year also, PlayStation 3 received its first great exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 game, very popular at that time.


The video game industry never stopped growing. Since its rebirth at the hands of Nintendo in the ’80s with the mythical Nintendo Entertainment System (1983), until today with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X just around the corner. And although this scenario is easy to imagine in developed country markets, Latin America is not lagging behind the trend.

For years, Latin America has a turnover of more than four billion dollars a year, thus making it the most attractive emerging market for dedicated companies. This translates into the official representation of both PC hardware providers as well as in the console universe: both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are officially available in our country, as are their games. This is closely related to the huge number of dedicated gamers who, even with all the economic vicissitudes that somehow define the reality of the region, continue to buy consoles, hardware, and games.

The video game industry in cell phones also represents great dividends for companies in the field. In this sense, the market for mobile phone players is the one that grows the fastest year after year, to the point of surpassing in percentage the players of PC and consoles combined, a phenomenon that occurs throughout the region equally. It happens that cell phones are available to everyone, and the offer of games on these platforms is increasingly effective, tempting, and with technical qualities that make them valid options when thinking about investing hours in entertainment. A simple way to enter the world of video games.




The numbers are cold, but they serve perfectly to explain the phenomenon of Gamer's Day around the world. Year after year, this celebration gains more traction and massiveness simply because nowadays playing is no longer for children, the age of the average player is still above 34 years. This means that adults today allow themselves to continue playing, something that was previously frowned upon. Games are permeating popular culture, in our society; in times of pandemic, they have become a meeting point. Today playing has many positive connotations, far from the prejudices and disdain with which this activity was looked at years ago.

Thus, the players are more and more numerous in the clans of Clash Royale or the squad with which you share your Warzone game; the one who plays Mario Cart or the one who enjoys the benefits of a car Simulator race. The variety of genres and options makes there is a game for each of us; a game that welcomes you with open arms. 

So, let´s celebrate our community is growing, let`s celebrate with joy. 

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